By Jason Michael


It’s simply too easy to get annoyed with all the nonsense on the run up to Christmas. Every shop window and ad-break wants to sell us something. Pester power goes into overdrive once the Toy Show has been broadcast, with its expensive toys for the children of the privileged reminding the kids of the not-so-well-off that this society isn’t really for them. It’s just too easy to hate this Christmas.

Earlier today I stumbled upon a curious little Christmas Market on Kevin Street. It was a single stall, selling a single product, and staffed by two wee girls. They explained to me that they had opened their own Christmas Market because they’re mums wouldn’t take them to the one on St. Stephen’s Green. Who could blame their mums? Five euro for a thimble of mulled wine! Mind you, these two girls had learned something about overpricing ‘crafty’ merchandise. I was offered not one, but two Loom Band bracelets for a fiver. Crafty indeed! Not that I wanted or needed a Loom Band bracelet, I gave them a euro for one. Perhaps I’ll sell it for one-fifty.


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